KU Change-Agent Readiness Executive Program
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Because The World Needs Leaders Like You

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Our Originality

We help transform top executives like you into great leaders that the world needs by emphasizing on Experiential Learning (EL) and Future Problem-Solving Program (FPS) learning approaches, which are divided into three types of learning methods as follows:


Core Courses




Active learning with
“BCG in Action”

Curriculum Structure

The curriculum consists of 4 modules, total 13 times 40 hours as follows:

Module 1:
Challenges and the New Status Quo

Module 1: Change and Adaptation for Survival
  • The changing world and the new leadership roles in the BCG economy
  • BCG economic model for sustainable development
  • Adaptation of the public and private sectors for sustainable development
  • Sustainability foresight

Module 2:
The Case Studies of Sustainable Development

Module 2: Roles of Change-Agent
  • Leadership in a post-modern society based on the rule of law and sustainability
  • Leadership roles and transformation towards High Performing Organizations (HPO)
  • Adaptation of organizational leaders under disruptive change and climate crisis
  • The role of leaders in large scale change and how to establish the system thinking culture

Module 3:
Change Leaders in the Age of Climate Disruption

Module 3: Green Economy and Sustainability
  • Environmental, Political, and Social Landscape for Sustainable Development
  • Future business opportunity and monetization with carbon credit
  • Economic, Social and Governance (ESG), Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and changes in the way of doing business and trading
  • A business model that creates changes in line with the trend of sustainable growth
  • The role of the new generation and ideas in driving the economy and creating sustainability

Module 4:
ESG Principles and Business Transformation

Module 4: Driving towards Sustainable Development
  • The case studies of driving business with innovation and sustainability
  • The cooperative action on technology development and transfer to tackle the climate change
  • Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) perspectives and guidelines for success with SEP and BCG

Our Speakers

Other Activities

Some of the activities included in our program are:

Conditions for Certification

Participants who have passed the KU Change-Agent Readiness Executive Program (KU CARE) will receive a certificate from Kasetsart University in the following conditions:

Time & Place

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Targeted Participants:

  1. The top executives of private sector organizations (limited companies and public limited companies), government agencies, state enterprises, public organizations, higher education institutions, who holding a position equivalent to C-level executives or the director-general

  2. A high-ranking commander of the Armed Forces and Police Departments with the same rate as Major General, Rear Admiral, Air Vice Marshal or Police Major General

  3. Persons whom the curriculum committee consider as appropriate to attend because of his/her experience or reputation



129,000 THB/Person



  • Speakers, training materials, equipment, meeting rooms, lunch snacks and drinks
  • Expenses for domestic tour – buses, accommodations (single & double beds) and food
  • Ice Breaking & Welcome Party, Farewell Party, and one special night party
  • International tour is EXCLUDED


  • Kasetsart University is not in the VAT system and will not be deducted with withholding tax
  • Training receipt can be deducted from taxes according to law.

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